Windows 7 Freezes – What to do?

When Windows 7 freezes it can make your computer completely unusable. While Windows 7 is a very useful and easy to use operating system it’s not perfect. Computers are used for many different tasks every day. They are useful for work, shopping and entertainment. However, if your computer is unreliable then this could cause major problems.

When windows 7 freezes you will need to wait for it to start working again. This is a waste of time and can make it much more difficult to trust and rely on your computer. There are a number of different reasons why Windows 7 might freeze or stop responding.


If you have upgraded your computer to Windows 7 when it previously used Vista or another operating system then you might be experiencing hardware problems. Windows 7 requires a state of the art computer to run properly. If you are trying to run this on a computer which is too old then it will quite often stop responding.

The minimum specifications for Windows 7 32 bit are a 1 GHz processor, 1GB of RAM and 16 GB of available hard drive space. The 64 bit version requires a 64 bit processor, 2GB of RAM and 20 GB of available hard drive space. If your computer is too old then it won’t be capable of running Windows 7 smoothly.

If the hardware isn’t good enough for Windows 7 then you will need to upgrade or downgrade the software. Either install a previous version of Windows, or upgrade the RAM, Processor or hard drive in your computer.

Windows Registry

Another reason that Windows 7 might slow down and start freezing is because of registry problems. The windows registry has been used since windows 98 as a way of storing computer settings. This registry is basically a database and if it grows too much then it can slow your computer down.

A registry scanner can be used to reduce the size of your registry to streamline your computer. This should make it much quicker and reduce the chances of the computer freezing.

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Another reason that you might experience Windows 7 locking up is because of computer viruses. Use a virus scanner to find these infected files and put them right.

Last Resort

If you really can’t find a way of resolving the issue then you will need to consider formatting your computer. By formatting your computer and reinstalling Windows 7 it should be possible to start from scratch. This makes it easy to restore all of the settings to default and hopefully correct anything which is causing Windows 7 to freeze.

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