How to Clean the Registry on Windows 7

All recent versions of Windows store computer settings in the registry. The registry is a large database which stores various settings. There are however many problems which can affect the registry. If your registry experiences any problems then it will slow your computer down. A corrupt or damaged registry can also make your computer much less stable. You can make your computer faster by running clean registry on Windows 7 applications.

What is the Registry?

The windows registry is a large database which contains lots of useful settings. Every time your computer does anything it will first need to find the answer to questions by looking in the registry. If your registry is too big or full of corrupt entries then you will need to clean registry on Windows 7.

How to Clean Registry on Windows 7

Cleaning your windows 7 registry requires specialist software. It’s not possible to use regedit to manually edit the registry. Removing the corrupt and unnecessary keys by hand can be very complicated and time consuming. It’s also very likely that your computer will be worse off by trying to manually edit the registry.


The registry is the brain of your computer. This is a very serious utility which needs to be looked after. If your computer is slowing down or grinding to a halt then you will need to clean the registry. By cleaning the registry you can speed up your computer and make it much more streamlined.

Choosing Registry Scanners

To clean your registry effectively you will need to use a registry scanner. Registry scanners are very useful tools which can be used to automatically scour through your computers registry. This will make it possible to remove the unnecessary entries in the registry and streamline it.

There are lots of different registry scanners available on the internet. Simply spend some time searching for each of these and read the reviews. Some of them will come with added features and additional applications.

By removing these unwanted entries you should be able to make your computer work much faster. The registry can grow and expand in size over time. Whenever you use your computer it will collect all sorts of information in the registry.

You should run the registry scanner regularly to make your registry much smaller. This will make it possible to make it much more enjoyable to use your computer.

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